The lovely city of Alicante on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Spain may be a vast nation with a great culture and passion for sport, but there’s one small area where this is joined by magnificent scenery and perfect beaches. Southern Spain’s Costa Blanca is what most people think of when it comes to paradise, and the warm waters of the Mediterranean help to keep the climate perfect year-round. The region’s main city of Alicante is both cosmopolitan and relaxed… Skyscrapers, top notch sports and culture galore are nicely balanced by beautiful beaches, leisurely meals and a lust for life that’s intoxicating. Clearly, this is a place where you want to spend a summer or longer!

A simple pavement just wouldn’t do this paradise justice.

Spain is a place where sport permeates the soul of the nation. Be it tennis, football, basketball, golf or even motorsports, Spain tends to sit at the top of the table. Yes, the 320 days of sunshine might have something to do with it, but Spain is a sports-crazed nation. The world’s current top tennis star, España’s own Rafael Nadal, is a product of this great sports culture combined with top coaching and facilities. Fortunately, Spain’s stunning coast has a climate conducive to training every-day; plus, with great investments in their facilities and instruction, Spain has become the destination for athletes from around the globe.

Spain’s Rafael Nadal, current World Number 1.

There comes a point where one comes to never want to leave this wonderful place, is when it becomes apparent you really need to learn the language. Fortunately, this is much less of a daunting task when you can combine it with the great sports culture. Top rated sports, culture and language camp ISC Spain gives students aged 14 to 18 a chance to do just this. Not only do they tailor their programs to each individual, but learning about Spanish language and culture through sports is a great way to get a truly immersive experience. A lucky few will be taking in Spain’s Sports Crazed Costa Blanca and learning the language with ISC Spain over the summer. Discovering Alicante along with the Spanish way of living and training is something everyone should experience at least once in their life.