Most people love fall, or autumn as the Brits call it. Here are the reasons I loved fall while I was at University in Charlottesville, Virginia (and why I miss it now that I’m in Singapore where, it is summer all year around):

#5. The sultry colors of leaves that are starting to fade – red, orange, gold, amber…Check out this beautiful tree I saw during my first year at University:


#4. Freshly made apple donuts from Carter Mountain Orchard with hot apple cider! Of course, apple picking is a plus too…

#3. Fall fashion. I LOVE SCARVES AND SHAWLS SO MUCH. Also, wearing comfy sweaters in the nippy weather (and not sweating when you’re running from class to class!). Fall clothes in general really, – they are comfortable, and fall fashion looks good on everybody!

#2. Pumpkin Spice anything, and pecan pie… yum!

#1. Butternut squash soup is in season, and it is delicious! If you’re ever in Charlottesville, check out Revolutionary Soup. Sadly, a really good bistro, called Zinc is now closed – but their butternut squash was scrumptious too!


What are your Top 5 Fall favs? Let us know, and comment below!