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Meeting people who live their passion each day is inspiring. Listening to their stories and feeling their childlike joy and excitement for what they do is sort of the equivalent of attending a TED-Talk or traveling on a magic carpet in time with them. Cool people of multiple talents have this positive effect upon the listener. Whether I meet experienced or fresh talent, people are always a surprise to me. Among the surprises, I met the very talented Italian Makeup Artist: Tonia Calzerano. Not only does she work with very talented professionals and gets her work seen on Vogue but also combines Psychology with Makeup Artistry. I mean you need to be damn good to start off like that.

I interviewed Tonia the other day and had the magic carpet type of feeling. Spontaneous quotes arose during the interview which were the result of the love for her passion. A few quotes made me smile like “I’m in love with this stuff (Makeup), “Passion changes lives”, “Love turns hours into minutes”

I’m sure Tonia’s talent will never need a spotlight. Her work already shines; visit her website or check her out on Facebook.

How did you start? Where does your passion for Makeup come from?

It all started out with drawing. As a child I did nothing else, then my path changed but I knew I’d go back to ”painting”, somehow. As I loved making up my friends, I simply combined two passions in one with Make- up and decided to attend a Make- up Artist Academy.

What is beauty for you?

For me, Beauty is strength, power. It’s looking at something and being captured by what it transmits, it’s a feeling, a magical connection.

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What makes you happy about your job?

I’m never bored, always meeting people of all sorts, different minds, cultures and this is wonderful.

Favorite Makeup brands/products:

Every brand has its strong point, I love Armani foundations, Shu Uemura brow pencil and lashes, Illamasqua for textures and colors, and MAC for innovation and variety…and I can go on and on. Favourite Products: Foundation and concelear, everything about basics.

When talking about makeup… I can’t live without: I can’t live without mascara

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Where do you get your Makeup inspiration from?

Inspiration is everything around and inside me. I get inspiration from magazines, people, movies, art, nature, but even from a state of mind.


A memorable moment at work:

Very recently, I met Maestro Maurizio Galimberti. His spontaneity and enthusiasm at work are contagious. I mean, it’s many years that he works in this profession, but he looks like a child who has just unwrapped a gift every time he looks at his Polaroid pictures taking shape. In those moments, I think I would be just like that in a few years, always feeling the same excitement for my work, too.


Someone who you love working with and why:

I love working with Lior Susana. First of all, for being a great Photographer, and secondly because he has the ability to bring all the team to one same point, and keep focused for all the working time. It’s like weaving a real thin thread, but he manages to keep it on, nobody can do it. He’s a great talented man.

Someone who you would love to work for and why:

Ok, there are two answers. For my makeup passion, I would LOVE to work for & with Topolino, I’d just be happy to see him at work and meet him. He’s the best artist I’ve seen, in my opinion. For my work in general, I would love to work with photographer Miles Aldridge, I like the way he brings out the colors, so intense and full of meaning, so perfect, he always has a great eye on the past which I think is the best way to read the present.

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Someone who you admire:

I don’t admire any person in particular at all. I admire those who work with real passion, curiosity, honesty, and above all with humbleness.

What should every woman know about makeup (any tips):

Don’t use too much, keep it natural. Make up is not about covering or hiding, is about fun and play with colors, it shouldn’t become an end or a kind of slavery, but a way to express yourself, this is the best tip I can give.

Make up Mantra: Get control of it, don’t be controlled


Favorite facial features:

I really love the eyes, for me are the best facial features through which you can understand how to work on the entire face. The eyes say everything and I love scanning people eyes, even when they are looking away from my sight. That’s how works with models or common people. This is the way I use to search for something and in that moment I know which make up I have to do, they have told me.

Wildest Dreams, Next Projects?

I don’t know which aremy wildest dreams, I’m looking for them. In the meantime, I’m just trying to work really hard, and that’s ok for now, I’m happy. Next projects are going to New York City and Mexico, London and let’s see what happens.

Funniest professional moment:

Maybe the funniest and worst moment at work was to find out the height difference that I have with the model Sabrina. Lior Susana knows.

Favorite colors: Black, white and violet

What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?

Some common beauty mistakes are: wrong foundation. Often you can think that foundation is about adding color to the face, that’s not true! I see so many bronzed faces with white neck, you can only enhance your imperfections in this way. Foundation is about adding light and smoothing the face and it has to be the same color of your skin. Another one is to avoid eyebrows, they give structure and harmony to the face, always make them up!

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What are some of your favorite products in your makeup kit?

Some of my favorite products in my kit are Armani foundation, especially the Lasting Silk one that is very very bright, Illamasqua cream blusher in Promise color and Avon gel eyeliner, it’s really deep black and I can do straight perfect lines and blended ones, too.

Do you agree that “Less is more”?

I believe that quite always less is more. A simple touch can turn a common make up in a unique make up, especially for everyday makeup. But wait, I love working on colors!


What is a day in the life of Tonia Calzerano like?

It’s always a surprise. You wake up, sometimes early, sometimes not. If you are going to work, it would be a physical work, more often is a mental, psychological work, and when I don’t work, I’m looking for inspiration somewhere. Other times, laziness is my best friend on an entire day, just go out with my dog, watching movies and join the rain, simple life.

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What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

Best beauty advice I can give to women is: wear just yourself and put on some make up to have fun. Don’t forget to be happy and smile!