Cape Town is home to Madame Zingara, a group comprised of various restaurants, cafes, shops, and entertainment venues, with a focus on the Bohemian weird and wonderful. The epitome of this group is The Miracle Tour, their current show-and-dinner extravaganza, hosted at the V&A Waterfront, one of Cape Town’s iconic tourist locations. A ticket to The Miracle Tour gives you a complete night out – artistic performances, a 4-course meal, and, of course, a world of hopes, dreams, and miracles all rolled up into a night to remember.

I’ve been wanting to see the show for months and finally got a group of friends together to watch it. And, wow, what a night! Upon arrival, we were greeted by welcome drinks, performers, and wonderful decorations. The outside area hosted a fortune teller and a bar, while the inside was home to face painting, photo booths, and an art-and-dress-up shop – and this was all before the actual event started! Once seated in the main hall, we were presented with an array of dishes (platters of dips, cheese, soup, and bread sticks, ravioli, chocolate-chilli steak, and a collection of desserts), while being entertained by a variety of international performers – Argentinean musicians, contortionists, dancers, singers, comedians, and acrobats. And after dessert was gobbled up and the show came to an end, the stage was opened up for everyone to dance the rest of the night away.

Madame Zingara – The Miracle Tour

With the perfect combination of good food and mind-blowing performances, The Miracle Tour already proved to be a memorable experience. But, more than that, it was the atmosphere of the entire space that created that unique magic. The fact that the waiters were all dressed up (ours was a green fairy), the combination of excitement, music, and jokes, the decorative mirrors and colours and ornaments, this entire hall of hopes, promising that miracles really do occur and that dreams really do come true – that’s what made the night! That’s what stands out, the tingling feeling when I remember the luxuries of the evening. The joys and smiles that’ll convince me to see the show once more. Not for the food. Not for the performances. But for the magic.