We all go through relationships, and like every other story they have and end. There are lots of cures to getting over and not thinking about anything but in order to not check your phone every five minutes and let the hours pass faster there is the most effective solution and you can return it if it doesn’t work. Watching films. Yes, I know sounds like the perfect plan; let 2 hours pass and you are distracted from your melancholic suicidal world. However, this solution can be dangerous if you don’t choose a good film and today I am presenting you the“What Not To Watch After a Breakup” Top 5. My list will be in order from “You Might As well Stab Me in the Eye” to “I can deal with it if I eat enough ice cream”.

1. P.S. I Love You– “You Might As Well Stab Me in the Eye”

P.S. I Love You

I don’t even know why you would do this to your self. Each time Gerard Butler says “I love you” you are going to cry so loud that your neighbors are going to think someone just died. You are going to see how a romantic Scottish man can be and even look after his wife after his death and compare it with your boyfriend who is incapable of showing any emotions. Each time Gerry and Holly kiss you will be exploring new ways of killing yourself. Don’t do it, just don’t watch it after a breakup.

2. The Notebook –  “Goodbye world I’m jumping off the balcony”


Really? You’re going to break up and choose to watch a film about a film where the man does everything to win the girl, when you know your ex hasn’t even tried anything and moved on well goodluck. Can you imagine a love story where you have Alzheimer but you don’t forget your true love! Don’t worry I ordered you some ice cream and tissues. I warned you.

3. 500 Days of Summer– “I am going to die alone”


You found your perfect love to cry yourself to sleep. An hopeless romantic running after a girl who gave up on love. Hmmm, sound a bit like you but the other way round isn’t it? That’s exactly why you shouldn’t be watching this film, not the right time! You would be better off watching Ghost Busters really.. I can already hear you screaming  “Goooddd why meee”…

4. 10 Things I Hate About You – “ Why can’t I find myself someone like that”


Don’t let the title fool you, no one hates no one in this film, not in the way you think anyway.  You will be watching the reckless sexy punk Heath Ledger fall in love with another reckless sexy punk girl and in the amount of love that it will choke you through the screen. At the end you will just end up thinking “Look at how he changed, why can’t you damnit!”

5. Think Like a Man – “I can deal with it with enough ice-cream”


Last but not least “Think Like a Man”: a film inspired by the book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” by Steve Harvey. The plot goes through examining different type of man from “mamas boy” to  “unable to commit” type of boys.  It still kills me that after watching these 5 men that are all problematic in their relationships, turn out perfectly fine and caring boyfriends (because that’s never the case in real life). Its funny, painful yet nothing an ice-cream cant handle. Enjoy(!)

P.S. Don’t watch all these films in row. if you don’t want to take your steps in to the land called Depression.