The Germ is the debut E.P. from heavy rock/ electronic band The Distorting Glass, available on iTunes and BandCamp, now. They say: “The songs are complex and cinematic, with intricate lyrics, huge guitars and dark, billowing soundscapes”, and the music is clearly influenced by 90’s alternative and dark electronica.


The London based, The Distorting Glass are Pablo Bellinghausen: Vocals and Guitar, Daniel Martin: Drums and Percussion, Ryan White: Lead guitar and Tom Granica: Bass.

“Variance” starts the E.P. with an ominous build into a classic heavy rock riff and an unexpectedly dark electro bass line provided by Granica. The theatrical vocals pull no punches, he can sing yes but it’s nothing special and gives the whole band an uncanny Tool sound.

“Kilometre Zero” has an interesting intro, the two guitars bounce off each other as the deep and effected bass battles against them both. Lyrics like “I stroll back, smouldering bitterness, savouring the taste. Of this smoke, blown adrift with the hopes I’ve displaced”, show that Bellinghausen loves to write so called deep and meaningful lines but this gets tiring quickly. Sadly much of the E.P. is the same, a vehicle for Bellinghausen’s dreary vocals underpinning a band that are talented but have got themselves stuck in a dark electro rut.


The start of “Fear and Wonder” slams three genres together for a few seconds and then settles back down again. High pitched tribal drums fight against mental guitars, eerie electro synths and sub bass before all gives way except for eerie-ness. The vocals roll over the sound before a big chorus drop brings back the metal guitars and high pitched drums, which don’t go with any other part of the song.

Final Verdict

The Distorting Glass give the sense that they take themselves way too seriously and believe that anything they do along with their debut E.P. The Germ, is the best thing since sliced bread whens it’s not.