When I say “edible art class” what comes to mind? Yep- I raised my eyebrows also. But along I went anyway, not being one to turn down an unusual event, especially one that promised Grey Goose cocktails…


So this was how, on a Saturday afternoon I found myself in Covent Garden’s Hospital Club, at one of several exclusive events hosted by Grey Goose’s Iconoclasts of Taste project this summer.

The Iconoclasts of Taste project was created by the luxury vodka brand, claiming their iconoclastic status in the vodka world, to help establish upcoming new ideas in the food world. So why is this interesting? I’d say on a range of levels, but at most basic, let’s be honest- we Londoners define ourselves, not by what we do these days, but where and what we eat.


So in tune with the times, when we all crave something new and unusual, Grey Goose has selected three visionaries of food as nominated by a panel of ‘established iconoclasts’ such as Nano Mendes, Tony Coniglio and Giles Deacon, to pioneer the next generation of taste-bud genius and stir up the culinary world with their unique ideas.

What are those ideas? The three finalists are truly distinctive, from Ento’s aim to put insects onto western menus, to Dr Rachael Edwards-Stuart’s use of science to flavour match food and drink, and finally, to our edible art class and Tasha Marks. Tasha in an artist and food historian, with a vision to challenge our perception of food and art, and combine them in a new sensory experience.

So the event itself, while excellently executed and really fun, was one of the more bizarre I have been to in a while. To set expectations, being a fan of food and art unsurprisingly I loved it, but let’s look at the detail – what did this edible art class actually involve?

Set in luxury surroundings, I can report that I coloured in using likable paint, which incidentally I ended up eating- something I don’t think I have done for at least 20 years if not more. I sculpted using chocolate, and finally- the cherry on top- there was life drawing on rice paper with flavoured pens. That’s right, not only did I get to draw a naked woman, but if I felt the need, I could have afterwards consumed my creation. I will admit, some consumption of rice paper drawing took place, so that I could fully experience the vision, but it didn’t taste that nice and turned my tongue blue.

Edible Art

However, all joking aside, I really enjoyed the different nature of this class and so did the rest of the group. Tasha’s vision is one I think many of us would identify with, and having had a look at her company “Animal Vegetable Mineral”, her creations are infinitely more intelligently architected than I could have imagined. In addition, with the event hosted by the one and only Grey Goose, the cocktails were delicious and flowing which may be part to blame for the rice drawing eating.