Saturday 13th July 2013 at T in The Park. While Deacon Blue occupy the main stage new blood is setting the bar here at the ‘Transmissions Stage’ as The Stripes take to the stage  and come out swinging with tracks ‘Mystery Man’ and ‘She’s So Fine’ which has the tent packed to capacity I’ll add going wild. Harmonicas wailing and guitars firing on all cylinders, the young crowd here are being treated to old school R’n’B with a breath of fresh air. If you were to close your eyes you would think Clapton & The Yardbirds had taken to the stage. Next up is ‘I’m a Hog’ which sees Lead Guitarist Josh McClorey and Bass Guitarist Pete O’Hanlon riffing off each other while Lead Singer Ross Farrelly shakes and convulses like a man possessed as he entertains the masses before him. Josh finally breaks the silence and says hello to their fans before going into ‘What a Shame’. The noise is immense from the crowd and the band, I’m at the back and I feel like I’m going deaf as the guitarist decides to slow it down for us with a number that could have been an early Plant/Page song called ‘Angel Eyes’ with an almost familiar Blues riff, but it’s all them. Without missing a moment Ross breaks out the Harmonica again to signal the next song as the band spring to life with ‘Perfect Storm’ which sees Josh on lead vocals this time.

Stopping only to tell the crowd “better start dancing” before launching into latest single ‘Hometown Girls’ which gets the tent, the ground and unfortunately this fence which I am trying to lean on to write shaking. Following that up with a Bo Diddley cover called “You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover” which has the crowd dancing. Before announcing their set is almost over the drums still ringing the crowds ear, the audience have their hands raised as if in worship which begin to clap out the drum beat to the next song ‘Heart of the City’ after which we are treated to ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin’ which sees each member of the band lose it especially guitarist Josh which has him drop to his knees as if trying to squeeze out every note from his instrument. The Strypes have exuded an energy which I feel has been lacking in bands these days new and old taking for granted that a good show just isn’t the music being played to a T but working the audience to a frenzy. Last but certainly not least they play ‘Blue Collar Jane’ their debut single. So glad I got see them and pity the people who choose to ignore the smaller stage for the bigger names. The Strypes are currently on tour with Arctic Monkeys and are working on a debut album with producer Chris Thomas.