Tree press shot

Sitting on my arse at ‘The Transmissions Stage’ at T In The Park  in its 20th year for the first act on my list ‘MS MR’. My mission to shun the big acts and see what’s new on the market as the backing track starts as the singer Lizzy Plapinger and her musical partner Max Hershenow slink into their first track of the set ‘Bones’. Lizzy exudes a subtle ‘Jagger like’ confidence not leaping around on stage like an idiot but all shoulder movement with Max and the band empowering her every move. They own the stage and the audience as the song ends and she breaks her cool to crack a smile before going into ‘No Trace’ which ends with wolf whistles galore which she acknowledges with a nod of her Tennents tin (all class). Before finishing her drink the drums kick in for their next number ‘Salty Sweet’ which has the audience stomping and clapping to the beat. The singer slinks and slithers around on the stage seducing her audience, she knows how to work a crowd.

The song ends and Max greets the crowd “Thank you for being here so early, were MS MR all the way from New York city”, followed by lead singer Lizzy “Hopefully your fuckin’ wasted!”. Max introduces the next number and their new single from their debut album ‘Secondhand Rapture’, ‘Think of You’. The band and crowd are in sync as the audience lap up every note, “Fucking love it Scotland, up for it!” our singer screams grinning like the cat that’s got the cream, all sense of cool gone as she really is enjoying herself as the mood mellows with next track ‘Dark Doo Woop’ followed up quickly with the duos second single ‘Fantasy’ Lizzy now completely comfortable as she sheds her Leather jacket and now dancing with Max in a way that can only be described as Pulp Fiction at the songs climax. Coming to the final song from them today Lizzy thanks her audience “We travelled all fucking night to get here and it’s been totally worth it for out first time in Scotland” before Max ‘chimes’ in and introduces their last track and their debut single ‘Hurricane’ as the audience emulate her every movement as they finish for the day and start the day at the stage off with a bang.