I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive gig after Rudimental & Bipolar Sunshine spent 24hrs together producing a track. Sponsored by Bacardi, this was the first of a series of the Bacardi Beginnings for 2013, where up and coming artists get a chance to create some genre-bending music with more established acts.

BacardiThe gig itself was brilliant! Upon walking in you received poker chips as drinks tokens… It felt very James Bond, our black poker chips with the golden Bacardi bat in exchange for some delicious cocktails. The drinks made by the team were created for the event with a slight spin on the usual, everything containing Bacardi of course! Outside the venue there were two options to eat; various paella’s and tacos that gave it a street party or festival vibe.

After a few hours to eat, drink and be merry it was time to hear Bipolar Sunshine, his music is soft and groovy. I mentioned that when listening to it you feel love, and wondered if that is the sound he was going for? In the YouTube clip below, he says that inspiration comes from various things happening around him, capturing a moment and delving deeper. He happens to be from Manchester and says you see ‘all kinds of madness so you got to put it into songs’. Being rather relaxed in his everyday life, she says it is when he is on stage that he can really go for it.

After Bipolar Sunshine had his way with the crowd, Rudimental came on and gave us 2 or 3 songs to bounce to and then it was time for the end result of the collaboration, Distance (BACARDÍ Beginnings) to be performed.

They did a great job within their time constraints, and the event was truly enjoyed by all. Roll on the next Bacardi Beginnings event, stay tuned to Dead Curious for the dates!

Bacardi Beginnings_Bipolar Sunshine

Bacardi Beginnings: Bipolar Sunshine