Meet Light Parades, a four piece outfit, based in Kingston Upon Thames, West London. They deal in piano led indie/ alt-pop, Daniel Hopkinson, Stephen Hopkinson, Jakub Tucholski and Ollie Pearce make up the band. They formed in mid-2011, the ambitious quartet then headed to Rockfield Studio in Wales only four weeks after forming, to start recording their debut album ‘Through All Times’ released March 25th.


‘Adolescence’ is the latest single to be taken from Light Parades debut. This track, like nearly the entire album, is a slow relaxed affair. Acoustic guitar, washy drums and a twinkly guitar intro start the track, Hopkinson’s opening vocal of “Don’t grow up… too fast” sums up the song. The track floats along, with gradual changes, easing you in and out of the choruses. The video for ‘Adolescence’ complements the track too, a young couple row as they slowly grow apart. Bottles, chairs and mirrors get smashed in the tension but in the end their love brings them back together.

‘A Delicate Tremble’ is the best track of the album in my eyes. Plucked, clean guitar and hazy piano begin the track as the bass line calmly follows behind. The vocals are all shy and emotional in the verse, a small lull and we’re into the chorus, a heartfelt crowd sung piece.The second verse drops back but keeps the momentum, a mini bridge of atmospheric, simple guitar and here Hopkinson’s delicate vocals are shown to their full potential before the final big chorus. Light piano chords and long, strummed guitar fade away into a blissful end.

Other highlights of Through All Times are ‘Until I Sleep’ and ‘Don’t Let Go’ the last track of the album being a piano lead song until the euphoric climax of the song and album.

Final Verdict

Light Parades’ debut album Through All Times is atmospheric but can get repetitive quickly.