1. Stay at the Regent Hotel, if you manage to book a room on the Tai Pan floor: you will have access to the most delicious breakfast and snack lounge.

2. Go to one of the night markets and enjoy trying crazy foods, watching people fish shrimps and buying impossible clothes.

3. Visit the Memorial Hall: it is very nice place to walk and see kids from school rehearsing songs…

4. Have lunch at the Silks House: and make sure to order everything you can. Meet, fish, noodles and vegetables are just beyond tasty.

5. Try the spa at the Regent Hotel: it will make you forget you have a job, a boyfriend and most importantly a Blackberry. The bath after the massage is wow.

6. Take at least ½ day to see the National Palace museum: most of the arts and crafts that survived Mao’s revolution are here and these pieces are illuminating

7. Go to the WOO bar and enjoy drinks, fries and DJs at the W Hotel. Most importantly: watch and enjoy Taipei’s socialites behavior, clothing and accessories.

8. Last, and of course not least, go to the first Din Tai Fung that was ever opened! And take a walk in the lovely and romantic neighbourhood.