“They do not bond with other people. They are children who cannot love or accept love. Children without conscience, who can hurt or even kill without remorse”

-Lil Kids, “Nobodies”




Adam Kane (Lil Kids) and Nick Adams (Lopato) are the two members of Lil Kids. The name might seem confusing to some, but the confusion is intentional. Adam Kane says, “I picked the name Lil Kids because there are lots of lil’ rappers, and lots of kid rappers, so I combined them.  I made it plural to confuse people when they found out it was just my own rap name, and not the name of a group. Also, it’s kind of creepy and pussy at the same time, which I like.”

I met Adam Kane while living in New York City in 2010.  My first impression was that this very child-like adult seems to be running on one crazy sugar high. Adam exudes the most positive and creative energy I have ever come across, and his passion for music is beyond me. I can always ask Adam to recommend good music with the guarantee that I will hear about a variety of tunes well worth discovering.

The very first moment I listened to Lil Kids, I was hooked; I loved the beats and the band image, and I found the lyrics hilarious.  I was blown away by the fact that I couldn’t categorize them into one specific genre.  When I asked Adam to explain his musical style, he described it as follows: “Golden-era hip hop, but with lots of old psychedelic rock and garage samples.”

Let’s talk songs. “Young Hercules” “Swiss Cheese” and “Slow Rainbow” are the two albums that Lil Kids have released to the public. Though all of their songs are pretty sweet, my top picks are “Nobodies”, “Kids Meal,” and “Coitus Interruptus”.

If you know what’s good for you, you will listen to Lil Kids at least once. You will either love them or hate them. But I warn you: Lil Kids will haunt you. They get into your soul with humorous lyrics and memorable beats. In the song “Nobodies”, they declare: “I want to start a cult with the girls on The View / I want to start a gang with the guy on the Pringles can.”