This is the second girl to have told me that her mom bought her dresses, but she really did not want to wear them. The older I get the more I’ve found ‘mother knows best’, but everyone’s style evolution is different, that is what makes these articles possible…

Sharon 2.0

For some children their parents can be style icons, in Shazz’s case her mom was slim and pretty and was young in the 70’s, so mini’s it was. This not being what Sharon would wear she looked else were for inspiration. Before stretch jeans came along, it was hard to find a good fit; I can second this! With slight ‘rear insecurity’ she chose to live in joggers and Adidas bottoms for comfort until she was about 18. This being said, Sharon has always felt over dressed when smart and prefers a casual approach.

For me it becomes clearer when Sharon tells me that her favourite artists are the likes of French Blek le Rat and Banksy. These are artists with a message and a voice that they need to get out there, their style is street but in it there is beauty. Not only this but an attraction to body art, of which she has a few. This is one of the oldest art forms that used to have a bad rep. Though it is now very popular and the stigma of the past has left, yet it still holds a toughness and sense of power.

Blek le Rat-Ballerina

Still sticking with her comfortable jeans, she has a variety of vests and t-shirts. She claims this sort of clothing suits her life style; her love for dance/electronic music does lead to late nights in dark and sometimes dirty clubs such as SE1, Great Suffolk St Warehouse and Cable. Bearing this in mind a girl needs to be comfortable and footwear is essential in for this… Funky trainers and other accessories (belts, necklaces and slogans) that are less for comfort but more to reflect her cool, laid back and up for a laugh attitude make for a style all Sharon. Blood Hound Gang was the sound track for this 80’s child, but that is long ago and they’ve made space for a lot of Electro and lasers. Not dropping her first influence on the dance scene, drum and bass … of which Omni Trio – Renegade Snares basically got her into her much loved dance.

Keeping it casual

Now at work it’s a very different story, because here is where Sharon applies some power dressing. Having seen it for myself, I must say it is a sight to behold. And I agree with her completely, sometimes a girl needs to wear her power. The Insurance industry, where she works is so male dominated; donning a body-con dress and heels can give you the edge to make your mark.

If any of you out there wanted to share your transition, please get in touch.