While in LA I had the pleasure of seeing the DEADBEAT DARLING live at the Soho House. Once the band stepped on stage everyone was captured. The room was filled with elite faces and expensive attire. The Deadbeat Darlings,  who are a Brooklyn based band, were completely unfazed by this and gave a FUCK YOU amazing performance. They started their set with one of my new favorite songs which is “PROMISES,” and ended their show by covering Lana Del Rey’s Video Games… which was a great way to melt  the heart of every girl in the room. They got the socialites to tap their feet and run towards them the moment they got off stage.

I had the chance to hang with a few of the guys for a few days after their performance.  Lead singer Joseph King measured up to my expectation of a musician. A guy who tends to be a combination of sweet/wild.  The type of guy who ends up passing out on any sofa he is introduced to. Mo, the guitarist, is a complete sweetheart – always ready to chat and always ready to say something nice about his band mates.  I only had a very short encounter with Evan the drummer….We had a short chat at the bar where he encouraged me to continue drinking when I was asked if I wanted to start a tab…. And so I did!  Finally, Ian, the bass player… OHHH Ian –  a helpless romantic who could capture any girl’s heart with his cute smile.

I am leaving you with one of their music video “SURF INDIA.” I think this video is a visually comedic and a raw-ish sound that makes you/me want to move.

♡ Mishka