What adjectives strike our mind with the label “dream-pop”? Dreamy, mysterious, ethereal, atmospheric, obscure, delicate… A fleeting and intangible beauty.


Beach House perfectly meets all these characteristics, and the pop duo from Baltimore  knew how to capture all of those  elements and reeled them off for the pleasure of all the audience. The lucky ones that attended the show on March 19th, stuck to our seats expectant to a light, sound or any sign of life that gave beginning to the spectacle, were all of a sudden immersed in the dark while Victoria Legrand (voice and keybords), Alex Scally (guitar) and Daniel Franz (drums) turned up on stage.

And the first chords of “Wild” hit our face like  if they had just fallen from somewhere really far above us.  Like a wakening and fresh rain. And the andrgynous, blurry and mysterious Victoria’s voice , that sometimes sounded overwhelming and others  weary, joined together the story of their last two albums “Bloom” and “Teen dream” with the accompaniment of her muffled and hypnotic keyboards, the restless and tireless Alex’s guitar and the powerful and elegant Daniel’s percussion.

Songs like “Gila”, “Troublemaker”, “Norway”, “Other people”, “Myth” or “New Year” were  the protagonist of this penetrating musical story that was narrated to us that budding Spring evening. “Thanks for coming. It is great to be here in this…egg, in this beautiful and young building that probably will be the last thing to fall off when the end of the world comes. Thanks, this has been spacy”  said Victoria Legrand.

A semi-darkness stage, a blinding and flashing set of lights, enveloping and magnetical sounds and an attractive  mystery that wraps the band  and which gave endpoint to the concert with a tempestous and awesome “Irene” that left us  immersed in the obscurity of the beginning. And all of a sudden they just dissapeared, just as they had showed up and hour and twenty minutes before. They dissapeared between a blur and brief halo for returning to that far place above us where they came from.

6Marques Toliver2

And before this suculent and delicious principal dish called Beach House, a young Marques Toliver whetted our appetite during half and our with his violing, his pedals and loops and his incredible voice that shaped that original blend between neo-soul and classic string accompaniments.

Photos: Nacho Iglesias