The latest single to be taken from psychedelic/ indie band TOY’s self-titled debut is the hazy ‘My Heart Skips A Beat’released on March 12th as a limited edition EP 12”. The EP will also include the two brand new tracks ‘She’s Over My Head’ and ‘Layered Electronic, as well as a version of their album closer ‘’Kopter’ recorded during a BBC 6 Music session.

Sounding very akin to a Horror’s track sonically, ‘My Heart Skips A Beat’ glides along with the help of TOY’s dreamy synths and gruff bass during the verses. The light reverb used on Dougall’s nonchalant vocals helps to create a care free sound within a track based in past loves. None of instruments are over powering, helping the sound to flow easily from verse to chorus and so on.

The track builds to a small psychedelic, yet satisfying climax.

‘My Heart Skips A Beat’ is a good dreamy song that could easily be the soundtrack to any eyes-met-across-a-room or a lazy summer day. Let this track wash over you and relax.