We’re extremely fortunate to count some very talented people among our contributors, readers, and fans here at Dead Curious. We love the interactivity and the dialogue facilitated by our web presence, and we encourage more of you to come forward with musical suggestions – you’re our eyes and ears on the field, the finger on the pulse, the head and the heart (and if you’re good at it, the cat’s pajamas).

Occasionally, on amazing days like today, when we’ve been really good, we receive a great gift like this one.

Longtime reader and contributor Pete Sommeio produced and mixed this hour long electro set exclusively for Dead Curious’ predecessor, Tune Love (which he aptly titled Tuning for Love). Sommeio is a well known performer in the Dominican Republic, and a member of the Northern Electronic Kommunity. Influenced by Afro-Caribbean rhythms, the synths of Daft Punk, and a splash of Richie Hawtin, his ear for blending the obscure with the obscene makes this one of the more fun sets I’ve listened to in a long time.