Donna Karan’s eco-friendly line, pureDKNY, launched in 1999, could be seen as an early adopter of the eco luxe movement in the fashion industry. pureDKNY was inspired by the designer’s own holistic lifestyle of vegetarianism and daily yoga practice, as if it were her way to promote clean living through her medium: fashion. Maintaining the city chic of the DKNY brand, pureDKNY’s homeware and apparel are made of eco-conscious organically grown cotton, hemp, and calico – all in muted ivory, beige, and earth tones to reflect the nature-inspired brand identity.

In the efforts to further expand on their product offering, pureDKNY fragrances were launched in 2010, now available in UK retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges, John Lewis, Boots, Debenhams and in DKNY’s freestanding shops.

In February 2013, adding to pureDKNY a Drop of Vanilla and pureDKNY a Drop of Verbena, a Drop of rose will grace the counters of beauty departments. From the water drop shaped bottle, the ingredients, to the packaging — this perfumes aims to fight global poverty. More specifically, the efforts are focused in creating a sustainable way for women in Africa to secure their financial future. Not only is the vanilla sourced by local rose farmers in Turkey, but a portion of the sale proceeds serve to re-invest in the fields for its long-term production, pooling together their profit to be re-divided among the Ugandan women.

Indeed, as the advertising slogan for these new fragrances states, ‘one drop can make a difference’. Perfumes, often associated with seduction and confidence for female consumers, make us dream. pureDKNY’s new fragrances add another element, making us dream of a better world.