In 2009 Sharon Corr: violinist, composer, singer, and ex-member of the Corrs entered in this solo project, which is baring great fruit. “Dream of you” is a enthusiastic work where we can find a vast traditional Irish music influence (something so rooted in her professional and personal career) and  loads of easy-going pop melodies. Classic ballads tinged by the sound of her violin like “Dream of you” , who name the album,“Butterflies” or “Real World” are one of the main ingredients of this work where Sharon show us her sweet and delicate voice. Other themes like “Mnà Na H’éireann” are not very far from The Corr’s instrumental songs that smoothly  blended the elements of the most traditional celtic music with the sound of electric guitars. Another example of this last group is the groovy “Cooley’s Reel”  or “Jenny’s Chicken” that remind us as well of the instrumental compositions she used to play with her siblings. Other songs like “Love me better” dive carefully and without making so much noise towards genres like “country” or soft “rock”. In conclusion, an easy going  album, where of course its more attractive thing are the celtic compositions and the way they are approached to the current pop style. She is carrying on with the legacy that she and her sisters and brother created at the beginning of the 90’s and that delighted so many ears.

After a long tour around Europe in 2012, including dates in England, Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland along with a journey down-under, stepping on Australian soil, Sharon Corr arrives in Spain with the following 4 dates:

  • 12th February: Seville, Teatro Lope de Vega
  • 13th Februrary: Zaragoza, Teatro Principal
  • 14th February: Pamplona, Teatro Gayerre
  • 15th February: Avilés, Centro Niemeyer
If you live near those cities do not miss the chance of enjoying this great mixture of pop and Celtic layers that shape a delicious evening cake.