Genre: folk/alt


While the simple, harmonised and melodic Peter and Kerry do have an album out now (La Trimouille), I decided against reviewing that in preference of their prior released EP, Clothes, Friends, Photos for the pure reason that my favourite songs of theirs are featured on the EP rather than the album – The Shadows and Knees.

For the simple reason of messing around with music, Peter and Kerry formed in 2010 by two members of the same record company. And what a better production than of something with such simple beginnings?

With simple rhythms, powerful voice combinations, breezy summer vocals and some additional electronic elements this music really takes me back to summer (what better way to spend Christmas?), like a sweet cocktail with an unexpected twist of lime. The mixed use of banjo, acoustic guitar and electronica-percussion really simplified something that could’ve been too overplayed with in the production studio. Whimsical lyrics and a good mix of production and acoustics really bring this music above the standard of this genre, a kind of new-age folk-sy mix.

Something to definitely listen to for fans of Laura Marling, Lucy Rose, Daughter and Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

C x