Christmas Christmas Christmas… What comes to mind? Lights, family, a delicious family dinner, Christmas jumpers. For me however it starts from watching films and goes like films films films films.

This cold and wind outside the best thing to do during Christmas is watching family films! Ahh just to grab a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate and as my warm socks get me cozy, I shall be watching my favorite Christmas film THE GRINCH!

What else could it be? Well of course it could be The Nightmare before Christmas, Arthur Christmas, Home Alone, A Christmas Carol, Jack Frost, The Polar Express and the list goes on however I think The Grinch, directed by Ron Howards, just takes you to a wonderland of Christmas. I love the fact that The Grinch is based on an utopian world with its own rules and habits. A town that waits for the Christmas day to come each year.

Jim Carrey’s acting can not be explained with words. His bizarre movements, (which I find really similar to imitation of a dinosaur), fits perfectly to Grinch’s strange and quirky characteristics. Grinch is a soft soul stuck and prisoned in a big ugly body (!). The story is told like a fairy tale told by the grandmother.

This Christmas town is a warm house to the ‘Whos’. Funny nosed, crazy haired, and happy people. Dr. Seuss’s story is of course again takes us to the world of kindness and forgiveness that is a perfect fit for the Christmas spirit. It can be called a ‘get-away’ from the real world to a world where your only concern is to buy a gift! (Pretty much your whole month of December).

It’s a family film more than a kid’s film. Jim Carrey is hilarious. All the characters are designed perfectly that reminds the audience of the cute Christmas elves. Just like every year, How the Grinch Stole Christmas will be my Christmas movie in 2012!