Honestly, I can’t compare True EP to any of other Solange’s works because I haven’t listened to them.

But without the need for any comparison I can tell that True EP is nailing it.Far from the spotlights: her sister may be a superstar and her brother-in-law one of the most popular hip-hop producers (and her niece called freaking BLUE IVY!), but S still chose to sign with an indie label: Terrible Records, brain child of Grizzly Bear and CANT’s Chris Taylor.

True EP puts together transporting rhythms and fruity melodies, along with an 80’s vibe that underlines the nostalgia from the lyrics.

The EP opens with the acclaimed Losing You, first single. Clapping hands and traditional african beats along with synths: Losing You was the perfect track to translate Solange’s style into music: mixing elements of African and Western culture to reach the most sophisticated result.
The second single, Lovers in the Parking Lot, shines in its femme fatale feel, with its metallic drums behind Solange’s voice going up and down, putting forward her vocal talents.
The other songs show a wide range of styles: Locked in Closets would stick to modern R&B and Don’t Let Me Down reminds more of classic and funky R&B while Bad Girls sends us straight back to 80’s synth pop.

1. Losing You
2. Some Things Never Seem to F***ing Work
3. Locked in Closets
4. Lovers in the Parking Lot
5. Don’t Let Me Down
6. Look Good With Trouble
7. Bad Girls (Verdine Version)

True EP points out the reality of Solange being an integral and authentic artist that rises completely independently of her sister’s fame.
Such a fresh cocktail of influences and styles introduces us to Solange’s creativity and free-mindedness, making us wanting more.

Take a listen at Losing You here:

True EP is available on iTunes and most digital music platforms, and soon to be released on hard-copy.

Love the tunes!