Currently we are living a revival of the Garage-Rock wave. That genre, which developed in America in the middle of the 1960’s, reemerged in the 80’s with a edgier and more powerful sound but was always very well based in the 60’s originals. And now, almost 30 years after its last rebirth, the Garage sound is still ringing in the ears of young, up-and-coming musicians. Are we facing a newer and fresher style compared with their forefathers? Maybe. What’s undeniable, is they have embodied the spirit of the precursors, and nothing truly significant has changed.

Within this current Garage-Rock wave we can encounter powerful and captivating bands, such as the Pow Wows and their latest record Nightmare Soda. Their music, a torrent of refreshing and explosive sounds, enters your mind like an electric shock of surf and punk sensations. And that is exactly what happens when you play their album from the first minute til the last one. Recorded at The House of Secrets (Toronto) in 2010 with Get Hip Recordings, which is a record company owned by Gregg Kostelich, a member of and guitarist for The Cynics, this is the debut of Ryan Rothwell, Jason Holinaty, Jason Sheritt, and Matt Cosgrove. They will remind you of myhitical punk panorama bands like The Urinals, The Monks, or Simply Saucer, and the Pow Wows present themselves as party wild animals who only want to enjoy playing and, the most important thing, making us enjoy their music. You will be wondering what are the main ingredients in this succulent musical receipt… restrained guitar riffs, themes doused in psychedelic and punk nuances, and a truly rock attitude on stage: banging their heads at the rythm of the music as if it was the last day on Earth. This album involves an exciting journey into the most savage and rebel sounds of the rock and punk genres.

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and check them out on Bandcamp to listen to a sample of this teaser and cool creations coming straight from Toronto. However, let me give you one piece of advice : this album must be played loud!