On a hint of nostalgia I recently started looking for artisans, somebody who could MAKE something for me only… And I came across a factory, in Florence, where ‘no’ is not an answer. Because those hands can make anything happen under your eyes: do you want an engagement ring with engraved names? A ribbon? A necklace full of little letters that spell a poem? A crown?

Ferrari Firenze will make it for you. FF is a small factory towards the hills of Florence, situated in a neighbourhood that is modest and industrial. Yet when you visit the office you feel like Alice on the other side of the world: world famous paintings, furniture from the Thirties, a Juke Boxe that was in a movie and the jewels… oh the jewels.

Every single piece is done by hand and when you think you cannot afford it the best part comes: pieces start at 100 Euros. Yes: like a Zara sweater. Of course that is a basic piece. But made with gold and with love. For special or custom made pieces FF even provides videos or pictures of the special ‘making of’. You will see Giulio’s huge hand caress a small bracelet, Ilaria’s bright eyes check the stones and hear the machinery noise.

Because of the size of this miniature laboratory only a few pieces are available for purchase at the moment. Still, pieces are incredibly cute and affordable, but most importantly the price is honest and reflects a real value (gold, silver or diamonds). You can email info@ferrarifirenze.it anytime with your questions, your special requests and more!