When asked how to describe their music, Shovels and Rope replied, “I don’t know anyone that particularly likes to describe their own music.  Some might say “Rock & Roll” or “Country” or “Alt something” or “Americana”.   Others might say  ”Hey, go have a listen..  maybe you can form a suitable description that pleases you, and leave us out of it”.”  And this is exactly what I urge all of you to do right now.  Bringing to mind bands such as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and the Civil Wars, Shovels and Rope have their own unique corner in the Country/Folk/Rock department.

The band, consisting of Carey Ann Hearst and Michael Trent, started out in Charleston, SC just going by their given names.  In fact, Shovels and Rope, was the name of their first album which was filled with many a murderous song, or so they say.  In time, they adopted that album name as their official moniker.  (In case you were wondering, their newest album-home of this track- is called O’ Be Joyful).

I hope you like listening to this harmony-driven foot-tapper.  It’s definitely something you won’t hear anywhere else.

Much love,