There are parallel bands that come up because a great deal of spare creativity. Others because an unfortunate deal of boredom. This time I am referring to the first statement.

Poor Moon is formed by  Christian Wargo (Fleet Foxes and Crystal Skulls  member), Casey Wescott  (Fleet Foxes) and Murray brothers (Ian and Peter). Their style is pure folky. All the tunes own this oldie/baroque sound, dressed with careful vocal harmonies and melancholic nuances.  Maybe they remind us a bit of bands like The Byrds, The Beau Brummels, The Animals, Moby Grape and all that 60’s hippy-folk wave groups. They do not offer us anything new inside the folk genre, but they are worthy to know.

Their musical adventure started almost four years ago. Four years of  songs that growed with them and finally turned into a serious project. The band was named after a Canned Heat’s song that talks about nature and ecology. Afther the success of their EP “Illusion” they decided to relase two weeks ago their first homonymous album: “Poor Moon” which has been produced by Bernie Grundman (producer of Queen, Prince and Michael Jackson between others).

As always, the best is to judge for yourselves and listen to an example of their bucolic compositions while we are beamed up to the heart of the countryside.