From the heart of Asturias (north of Spain) borns this fashion brand, “La Bigotera” created and managed by Isabel Hargoues. Fresh vintage trend? A new oldie style? Or is it the simple pleasure of creating beautiful things?

Her house is a mixture of materials, patterns, sewing machines, needles and this characteristic halo that own all the artists. Discover her designs, clothes and ideas through this little interview and if you like them, do not hesitate to contact her.

1) How and when did “The Bigotera” come up?

It came up two years ago. I started making some handmade t-shirts. This started to grow up and I thought it was time to professionalize the whole thing.

2) Why that name?

“La Bigotera” refers to a moustache. I had this circus logo of a moustache in my mind but I did not know what name relate to it and one night, drinking some beers, my brother had the idea and I liked it. But currently I am thinking about changing the name and using my own name for the new Autumn-Winter Collection.

3) Could you sum up the steps you follow since you have a new idea of a garment and it is hanging in your wardrobe?

I always carry a notebook with me so when I have an idea I draw it. At the moment of preparing the new collection I have a look on my notebook and I re-design what I have drawn if it is neccesary. After that design I start working with the patterns. The most difficult step is to chose the materials. You have to deal between good quality, nice designs and not a very high price. I usually buy the materials in USA through the Internet because I have friend there who is a designer. In the future I would like to design my own materials, but it is a expensive process, so, at the moment I have to buy them.

4) At the time of designing, ¿ do you have any artistical influences or inspirations? (musical, cinematographic, any painting wave…)

My firs inspiration was the 50’s (pronounced waist, full skirts). Now I moved towards a more 70’s inspiration (black materials, transparencies…). As I work at home I am always listening to music. For instance, in my new Autumn-Winter collection I have created a fictitious vinyl with songs that have a special meaning for me. I have named each garment with a song title and you can listen to the tunes in a spotify list.

5) Do you any favorite haute couture designer?

Well I love garments of several designers, but nobody in particular.

6) And any low-cost favorite shop?


7) Where can we find your clothes?

Basically trough my webpage: I participate in some street markets and you can find my designs in some shops in Madrid, Vigo, Gijón

8) The best city to go shopping is…

New York.

9) How is setting up a business in the critical economic situation that Spain is living?

It is hard. First of all because there are no economical aids for the small entrepreneurs. Besides I do it all by myself: designing, sewing, publicity, image…and it takes a lot of time. Nowadays people is a bit reluctant about buying new things. The expenditure has decreased in general in Spain.

10) Present us a bit your new Autumn- Winter Collection. What can we find there?

As I said before, basically garments inspired in the 70’s (transparencies, black). In my previous collections I used to make naiver clothes. I think this one is a bit more aggressive.


Visit her web page and discover this beautiful clothes at the rymth of Elvis Presley or Sam Cooke.