It seems like the Southern American sunbeams have been heating Cat Power’s creativity and have brought  her usual folk-pop melodies closer to a happy wave. We are used to her melancholic sounds that now have turned almost into a “danceable” ones, at least in the two songs we were able to listen to (“Ruin” and “Cherokee”) thanks to the online publication of her company record Matador.

cat power collage

It is clear that “Sun” represents a change in her music carreer. She converted her house in Malibu into a studio and  started recording what it is maybe her most “perfectionist” album. She was alone at home, in her own studio, where she could be playing instruments and seeking new sounds during hours. And for the first time she took care of the production. So after five years of silence and some personal problems, she got the sound. She cut her hair, travelled to France, and finished the details of her ninth album.

It is undeniable that Cat Power is a truly folk composer but these roots have been mixed with a new lo-fi/pop vision that have given this work a halo of freshness and that have shown that she is a versatil artist with a very personal sensitivity.

We have to wait until 4th September to buy phisically this album, but in the meantime, the artist has given us the chance to listen to it through the National Public Radio web. So click here and enjoy the tunes.