Fanfarlo‘s sound is just delicious, careful, delicate. As it is their way of playing their instruments. Folk, pop, electronic…whatever you can think of is mixed creating a unique style. They started in 2006 in London and their first album “Reservoir” produced by Peter Katis, who has worked with bands as Interpol or The National, is a jewel of the independent musical panorama.

I was able to see them playing in the Monkey Day Festival 2012 in Gijón and the concert was awesome. First of all because their sound is genuine. And secondly because they really enjoy playing and they know how to be lively or melancholic at the required time. Almost all the members are multi-instrumentists: violin, piano, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, synthesizer, bass and percussion. That is all we can find in their shows, besides some perfect vocal harmonies.


Know a bit more of this band through our interview with Amos Memon (drummer and percussionist) of Fanfarlo.

What story is behind that name?

It comes from a Charles Baudelaire novella. Simon suggested the mane based on this novella and we all thought it was a nice one.

How was the beginning of Fanfarlo in the music world? How did you meet each other?

Simon moved from Sweden to London and he started playing with some friends. The rest of the actual members went to their early shows and we just became fans of Fanfarlo. Then one of the guys left the band, Justin (the bassist) joined it and one day, after a show, we asked them if they need more members. And we started playing all together.

What are your main musical influences?

We are all into lof of different bands and styles. Speaking for myself I would say: Lee Hazlewood, Galaxie 500 or John Maus between others.

How was your experience recording with Peter Katis? 

It was our first experience recording an album and besides out of our country. It was recorded in USA in Peter’s home studio. We were quite unsure about what we wanted and he really helped us at the time of choosing the right songs for the album and getting a suitable sound for it.

Do you remember any special concert in your carreer?

We do not forget playing in Colombus (Ohio) in 2010. Big crowd and great show. We played again this year and it was even better than the first one. Coachella Festival, Primavera Sound (Barcelona) were good shows as well. And recently we have played in OFF Festival (Poland)It was our first time there and we really enjoyed our popularity with the polish audience.


Is there any special place where you would love to play?

I do not know exactly…We played in a kind of indoors roman theatre in Tenerife and it was a great venue. We would like to repeat there. Sometimes huge places are not better than the small ones for a gig. You can enjoy the show in a small venue so much than in a big one.

Where you are at home what kind of music do you listen to?

Recently I’ve been listening to John Maus because he played in London and I went to see him. I like to listen to Sam Cooke, a bit of classical music like Debussy…I love to explore through the Internet and discover new bands and styles.

Which was the last album you have bought?

Probably one of Lee Hazlewood. I have bought so many singles and vinyls that I should stop because I have to listen to them all.

How was your experience touring with Mumford & Sons?

It was really good. We toured with them in 2010 after the release of their album when they were still playing in medium size venues. We toured in Australia, Italy…and after that they just became huge.

Do not miss this group. Check their web page and get the latest news of their new album “Rooms filled with light” which has been released on February 28th (2012).

Thank you so much to Amos Memon and the rest of Fanfarlo‘s members, to the Monkey Days Festival organization and to Nacho Iglesias for the pictures.