Smutty, modern and fun is Soho Cinders in a nutshell. If you love a good heart felt song, a cheeky dance move or two, and a smattering of filthy jokes, this musical is for you. If you’re “prim and proper” or not a huge fan of musicals, then maybe not. Either way, it’s probably more suited to the female and gay audiences – definitely not an ideal date show if you are in a heterosexual relationship as it is probably too soppy for most chaps and most girls may start to relate to Marilyn Platt.

As somebody who has only recently discovered the joy of musicals, I have to admit that the concept at the start didn’t have me convinced. But the classic childhood fairy-tale of Cinderella as a foundation for a modern day love story between two guys was a brave move.

Undeniably there are a number of cringe worthy moments, such as the main gay love story song between Robbie and James Prince which has the characters singing at their mobile/iPad. Some of the songs were very good and quite catchy, although a few really did lack lyrical sense. Overlooking some of the songs, I was surprised to find that the characters began to win me over, and towards the end I was really enjoying the banter that the script created between the actors, audience and even the narrator.

Most importantly, I have to say there are some very talented performers in this show; the stepsisters were simply hilarious (and grotesque). The voice of Stephen Fry was an excellent addition as narrator, and Jenna Russell and Michael Xavier were both brilliant in the portrayal of their relationship.

Underlying the light-hearted nature of this play, there are actually some well thought out and poignant truths. The girl next to me had more than a tear in her eye during the emotional peaks of the entertainment. I didn’t, but I may be a tougher audience.

The location was excellent. After all, what could be more appropriate than seeing a musical set in Soho, in the Soho Theatre itself? It’s a great smaller theatre, with an intimate trendy atmosphere and good downstairs bar.

An enjoyable combination of an unconventional love story, a few fun songs and a well written script.

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Until 10th September