Genre: indie rock


Ok so I haven’t posted for a while but I’ve finally finished my exams (wahoo!) so free to basically live my days as I wish.

Anyway, so my first review for summer is Arcade Fire’s new album, The Suburbs.

Which is amazing, by the way.

Arcade Fire are originally from Canada, and best known for their signature riffs, steady beats and multi-instrumentalist band members. They have a huge fan-base; I guess they’re one of those bands that have fans that are so dedicated, they’ll know every album, single, EP and anything else a band could release. Even the unreleased stuff.

Arcade Fire have been solid for 11 years, and you can tell from their tight, signature sound, interesting riffs and cool rhythms. The chill vocals over the perfectly complimentary music fits over the jazzy rhythms and gentle rises and falls so well. This is ultimately, incredibly pleasant to listen to (pleasant in a not-bad-kind-of-way) – but it has that musical interest that keeps you listening and not drifting off. Despite the 11 years though, they’ve only released a total of three albums. To me, more than anything, this indicates that this band cares a lot about their music and it’s quality. If you spend a good few years chewing over an album you may be sick by the end of it, but it’ll definitely be the best you can do. Also, they are such a non-commercial band in that sense too – if an artist has to release a second album within a year of their debut then they probably aren’t even worth listening to (too harsh? oh well).

I love the summer-y sound and melodic strings inter-playing with the down-to-earh guitar and steady drums. The stories each song plays through and the lyrics that are poetic enough to make you think fit perfectly into the summer vibe.

C x