Yes, I’m still alive!

Apologies for not posting in such a long time, it’s been crazy lately! (and have The XX Private gig and Field Day been crazy? Yeees they have!)

Okay, nothing brand new here, but I’m going to tell you about Twin Sister, first in case you’ve missed them, second, because they asked for it.

I spent the last summer relaxing on Lady Daydream and dancing on Bad Street, while awaiting the release of Twin Sister’s first full-length In Heaven.

Twin Sister, it’s a dream/chamber pop crew made in Long Island, who started in 2008 with the EP Vampires With Dreaming Kids. Their thing is smooth pop with sometimes a touch of 80s-like synth or 70s-like groove, or even both. The fact is that it’s always chill but still makes you dance one way or another.

The album In Heaven sticks to this, emphasising maybe more than the previous releases on a certain synth-pop vibe, but this is all for the better!
My big crush of the album is Stop. Beautiful cocktail of sounds: harp, guitar riffs, violins, etc, that put forward the creativity of band while perfectly wrapping around the sweet voices of Eric Cardona and Andrea Estella.

Give it a listen here:


Listen to more and find info here.

(P.S.: The album is a great soundtrack to our beloved “English Summer Rains” 😉 )

Enjoy! xxx