Good day my fellow Tunelovers, today I bring you an exciting new indie band from the UK capital London. Beautiful people may I introduce to you the wonderful Bastille a four piece who released their début ep “Flaws/Icarus” only last year in June. Since then they have come smashing their way all round the gigging circuit gaining a huge amount of support along the way.

In my opinion its very easy to see why this band has come from nowhere to become one of the hottest prospects of 2012. Its a well known fact that for a band to be a real success their has to be a hype and support from other more established acts. Bastille has  gained this hype from doing the hard work and playing to anyone, this has become a trademark for them and has definitely done them know harm allowing them to prefect their sound and develop their own  direction.

Clearly vocally tallented Bastille show that musically they can produce something worth shouting about. Their track “Overjoyed” is brimming with perfectly pitched vocals and effective music progression. The almost ironcally named track shows the fragility of the group and continues the theme of relationships portrayed in earlier songs by this group.

Tracks “Laura Palmer” and “Flaws” being the stand out tracks from the back catalogue offer a different side of music for the group deciding to produce a more dance pop sound, this intern also shows the progression of the group creating a more mature sound with their latest single.

If i was going to describe their sound it would be a mixture between BATTLES and Worship both these groups have key similarities, including dance music and tremendous vocals. If you like the sound of Bastille you will definitely like them too. If you want to find out more about Bastille just follow this link to their website here 😀