Music world prepare to be infected with one super funky tune. This is the addictive sound of “Alt J”  a four piece music assembly from Leeds. Since meeting at Leeds university Gwil, Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton,  and Thom Green have been performing to thousands of people up and down the country and gathering quite a  reputation for being a professional group of badass’s. As well as being swamped with acclaim they recently invaded radio one and were selected as Greg James’s “Big Thing” for the week. This has propelled them to the brink of mainstream success and with their album “An Awesome Wave” set for release in the coming weeks, the big money doors are sure to open.

Alt J’s style clearly takes influence from a verity of different types of music; techno, rock and dance are a regular feature in all their tracks creating a varied and technically well developed sound.

This track “Breezeblocks” is the epitome of what the next big music scene could be exploring different genres and combining them to make something unique and edgy. If you like music by bands like Django Django, Hot Chip and MGMT you will love Alt J. Vocally the band is similar to Mavric Saber (the UK pop, soul singer) and this unusual vocal really sticks out as giving the band something different yet current. With the vocal performance becoming more and more important in recent years, the more unusual or powerful the greater success the artist will have.  Bands such as The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, The Maccabees, and singers such as Amy Winehouse, Adele and Rihanna have all become hungely successful due to the uniqueness of their voice. They all offer something different to the mainstream and generically successful top ten acts.

I feel that Alt J could be one of the next big acts to crash into the limelight, clearly talented this summer they will start to pull in masses of support all over the UK  as they take to festival stages this summer.  Be sure to check out their website for all the latest news and music tastiness to excite your dancing feet.

You can also download it right here right now on Tune Love just click the link in the player.