Clear Plastic Masks – When the Night Time Comes

I’ve rarely been as excited to discover a new band as I was upon first listening to these guys. Clear Plastic Masks are one of the more exciting acts to come out of the Brooklyn Rock scene in a long time (which is saying something, because it seems like everyone in Brooklyn is trying to be either the next Black Keys or LCD Soundsystem). They have a raw, powerful sound that rocks to your core, and while lead vocalist/guitarist Andrew Katz has an impressive vocal range, the entire band is really on the same wavelength – from what I’m told, and the research I’ve done (a… uh, google search), this video is of a live performance. One take – no syncing or overdubbing. These guys just sound that good.

I was fortunate enough to catch a preview of their as-of-yet-untitled album, slated for release sometime this summer, and I think it might be one of the more pleasant sonic surprises of 2012.  Recorded totally in analog format by the band at the end of their tour through the American South, producer Andrija Tokic (better known for his work with Alabama Shakes, another Dead Curious favourite) has done his damned best to keep these boys sounding like Jack White’s unkempt cousins (a compliment of the highest order round these parts). Show them some love and share this video.

The Clear Plastic Masks are:

Andrew Katz (Vocals, guitars, keys)

Matt Mennold (Guitars, keys)

Eduardo Duquesne (Bass, keys, backup vocals)

Charles Garmendia (Drums, beard)

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Video Credits:
Created by Joshua Shoemaker

Camera Operators: Garrety Coyte & Alec Dixon

Audio Engineers: Jeffrey Salter & Randy Wade