Bryn Martin a.k.a. Bryyn (formerly Pinkle) is an American independent artist (no, not the hip-indie independent type, the I-record-at-home independent type) based in Vulliens, Switzerland. I found him thanks to a friend’s band who remixed one of his tracks (how cool?).
I would qualify his music as some kind of minimalist folk. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes refreshing, but always, alwaaays inspiring!

He seems to be very enthusiastic about hearing reworks of his songs because quite a lot of his tracks are remixed and he publishes them happily on his soundcloud.

I checked it out recently, and my ear was caught by the Technobears remix of his song So Well.

Technobears is Ed Haskins. It was quite hard to find information about him, but if there’s something to know about him, it’s that he’s a remixing freak. And he does that well.

What he did with So Well wasn’t turning it into another song, it was keeping the best of it and giving it his own twist. At the end, he preserved the folk side, but brought a fresh beat and added an eclectic mix of experimental, ambient and electro.

Take a listen:

Here‘s Bryyn’s soundcloud, help yourself, all the tracks are free, and if not on soundcloud you’ll find them on his website. And here‘s Technobears’ soundcloud.