AGIHK attended the Hong Kong launch of the Roger Vivier’s Prismick collection, atrium of Landmark, 7PM: the collection is about assembling collages in leather to create a jigsaw puzzle in three dimensions.

Whimsical and fashion forward geometric design with chain straps comes in shoulder bags and shopping totes.
For the Hong Kong launch Roger Vivier invited seven ‘modern women’ (read socialites) for a Prismick themed photoshoot. Those are Carina Lau, Victoria Tang, Qing Shu Pei, Wendy Ye, Amber Xu, Veronica Chou and Bao Bao Wan (I know – that is the cutest name ever).
Those photographs were taken in the ladies’ favourite places, from China Club, to the Bund in Shanghai, one picked her yacht…. And the photographer? Victoria Tang.
Well, besides asian celebrities, this Prismick collection by Roger Vivier is indeed a very nice, fresh, fun and chic collection. Shop it away here:
 Pictures copyright and credit > Roger Vivier.