In modern day society, stress levels are high and the average adult is overworked, underpaid and highly strung. This way of fast living is often the only way to get by, but what are we doing for ourselves these days? How do we keep happy?

These days we hide behind computers and are unable to communicate our true feelings to one another. A technology barrier has put a strain on human relationships and we are turning into a generation of stressed 9-5 donkeys.

Many people I know will save until the cows come home for a luxury holiday, and then come back to report that it was ”okay.” In actual fact they will usually discover that rushing around the airport and seeking out passports along with sorting out foreign currency is often more stress than it’s worth.

I find the key to being happy is often to keep things simple. Following a child’s idea of happiness is the way to achieving relaxation. By this I don’t mean a trip to Disney Land Paris. I mean putting a few hours aside on a Sunday to feed the ducks, fly a kite or explore your local woods. Having a child accompany you is a bonus to looking a little less insane, but alone or with friends is fine too.

I think many people often associate the feeling of stress with having to ”get away” from their lives, but often the return is so difficult it can makes things worse.

To find a simple, easy- to- maintain form a of happiness, look closer to home. If you have had a hard day at work, visit your local pool and swim some lengths, the serotonin released during exercise will cheer you up, and your body will thank you for it, not to mention a decent nights sleep will be on offer after a work out.

Now I’m not saying cancel that 4 week vacation to the Seychelles any time soon, I would say I am jealous, but for those stuck at home trapped in a monotonous high-stress job- enjoy the sunshine, go to the fair and ride the Dodgems until you heave.

Being a busy person myself, my secrets running until my legs fall off, a long hot bath and a bit of Roald Dahl with my munchkin.