AGIHK was always fascinated by bubbles. Yes you are thinking champagne, but forget not I am Italian – and we – as usual – invented something that is even better!

Prosecco is amazingly good and bubbly, a little different from champagne to be honest but – good news – also more affordable and hip than its French cousin.

How to drink Prosecco? And which one? AGIHK will get into the details of how a little later. In terms of which one to pick as far as today there are not many doubts – Fiol is THE one to get.

Fiol was founded by a group of friends, wine enthusiasts in love with Italy and Italian wines, world travellers – they tried almost everything before realizing that nothing is like Prosecco.

So Fiol came to life, and about it they said: “The extra dry Prosecco Fiol shows a light straw color, a typical bouquet reminiscent of wisteria flowers, acacia and also mature crab apple. With a shrewdly contained alcohol, acidity, lively but not overbearing it delivers freshness and palatability, savory and a slightly sweeter taste, contributing even more to preserve that character so appealing and inviting”.

In terms of when and how to drink prosecco, AGIHK has 4 favourite moments.
1. All by herself in a bubbly bath – reading a good book (and no, Twilight is NOT a good book);
2. With friends on a terrace, breeze, summer and grass around;
3. On the plane. I love the feeling of going somewhere, watching a movie while eating peanuts, stretching legs and drinking bubbles (yes – you have to travel Business to do that);
4. Last but not least – it is AGIK’s favourite pique nique wine, walk in Saint Tropez in May and open it on the hills after a hike with a white linen dress and possibly a guitar;

Champagne is old! Oh and for events, Luisa Via Roma, the super chic concept and fashion store in Florence must agree as they drank loads of Fiol bubbles for their charity event towards the end of last year!