Well, it took a while (I’m getting more and more swamped with wedding stuff as the big day approaches – only a month and a half to go! yikes), but I finally got to write down some of my thoughts on this year’s Academy Awards.

First of all, let me just say that I LOVE Emma Stone. She was the most charismatic presenter by far and I really just want to be her best friend ever since watching “Easy A”.


(starting from 01:00)

Her comfortable and relaxed performance was even more charming when compared to Gwyneth Paltrow’s weird dialogue with Robert Downey Junior. I mean, she’s supposed to be an actress. I would expect her to deliver her 8 lines with a little more credibility. Thank God for Robert Downey who, as always, steals any scene he’s in.

As for Best Foreign Film, I was once again heartbroken since Israel lost. Again. Though I will say that Iranian Director  Asghar Farhadi’s speech was beautiful and inspiring. I’m definitely going to watch “A Separation” soon.

Best supporting actress went as expected to Octavia Spencer. She definitely earned this one, and her speech was the most touching of the evening. I also think she looked lovely.


Cirque de Soleil was long and boring. Leave us alone and give your slot to Kermit and Ms. Piggy, please. I cannot get enough of that frog and Pig duo.

Best supporting actor was also expected: Christopher Plummer. And it’s about time – the man is 82. And rocking his velvet tux, I might add. His speech was great: eloquent and witty.

A comment about Angelina Jolie: the woman obviously doesn’t get that she’s sexy without trying, because when she came up on stage, she striked a pose that screams “look at me, I’m sexy”. It’s a little embarrassing really. When your slit goes up to your panties you really don’t have to work so hard to make your leg show.

To my delight, a moment after this, Jim Rash walks up on stage to get his Oscar for Adapted Screenplay (“The Descendants”) and impersonates her shamelessly. I suddenly love this man – it takes a lot of guts to make fun of half of the most powerful couple in Hollywood.

As she comes back up on stage, its apparent that Angelina and her right leg are not happy.


For best director, Michael Douglas of course gets Michel Hazanavicius’s name wrong. Completely understandable, Mike. (Can I call you Mike?)

After the always gorgeous Meryl Streep presents the honorary Oscar winners, Billy Crystal presents a clip of the men and women the film industry has lost this past year. Yawn.

Now we get to the money time! Actor in a leading role. As expected, it goes to Jean Dujardin. Rightly so, if you ask me. The guy is even cuter in person than on screen, if that’s possible.

Actress in a leading role was less expected, as the Oscar went to Meryl Streep and not to Viola Davis. And although I have always adored Meryl, I think Viola deserved this one. Still, Meryl’s speech was great. The woman is a goddess.


No surprises in the Best Picture category – The Artist. And that represents Hollywood more than anything, I guess – Hollywood loves Hollywood, and in this case, it’s past. It’s a great movie, but there were better.

As for me, I will continue loving the Oscars. I don’t always agree with the choices, but I love the glam, the excitement and most of all, I love the movies.