Well, the ceremony is TODAY. It’s time to admit I have failed. As a person, a partner, a daughter and as a blogger. I didn’t get to watching “War Horse” and “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”. I was too busy lately and everyone keeps saying they’re no good and shouldn’t be nominated, so those are my excuses. I did watch “Hugo” a couple of days ago, was really good but felt too much like a movie made for children.

To conclude, in a just world I think “The Tree of Life” or “Midnight in Paris” should win, but in our world, it’s gonna be “The Artist”. The academy loves to romance the cinema’s past, and Cinderella stories like Michel Hazanavicius’s (HOW will they pronounce that on stage??). It still was a lot of fun watching the 7 movies I did watch, and posting about them.

So here, enjoy Part 2 of the children’s nominees. I’ll post about my all-nighter-ceremony-experience After. I’m excited!!