Brighton has been jokily referred to as an ‘entire town helping the police with its enquiries’ (aka just a little bit shady) by Keith Waterhouse  (of Billy Liar fame).  And to be honest, you can see why. It’s a city that loves to party hard but in the morning it becomes wholesome and virtuous once again.

I’ve lived in Brighton for six years now and over that period it has been called lots of things by many people. ‘Muesli mountain’ ‘London by the sea’ and ‘Guardian city’ are all examples or the less imaginative ‘Gaytown’ (or ‘Camptown’ for Kemptown) is another, after the large gay population. A standard London Stand Up gag is that every time you come down from London and descend that long road from the station to the sea you (like a million others) think, ‘I’ll go part time.’

It’s the most near the continent you’ll get in England: it’s full of Europeans who love its liberal attitude and its sunshine, it’s pretty relaxed and compared with where I’m originally from (Norfolk) it’s EXTREMELY tolerant. Nobody bats an eyelid in Brighton. Everyone’s too cool for school.  My 21st birthday party had a Sixties theme – my Dad dressed up as a Beatle, with wig and suit and nobody commented on his attire in the street. He was really disappointed.

It’s the Hen and Stag capital of the UK:  it’s as wild as Bristol but less provincial. It’s got a huge student influx due to the two big universities, Brighton and Sussex and so, has a great clubbing scene. A lot of the students (like myself) never leave. On the weekends you can be on the beach sipping a pint and you’ll start hearing loads of Cockney accents, punters who are up to enjoy sunnier climes from the big smoke.

So I know the weather’s a tad cold at the moment, but a trip to Brighton will definitely cheer you up and blow those cobwebs away.

Top clubs – Concorde 2, Audio, The Hanbury Ballrooms, Revenge, The Green Door Store, Honey

Top restaurants/ pubs– Due South, St James’ (Thai), The Bath Arms, Planet India

Things to do – Look round The Royal Pavillion, Duke of York’s (arthouse cinema with homemade cake), The Beach!