“Ukelele songs” was launched in may of 2011. Eddie  Vedder goes on with his personal journey after “Into the wild”. He is not only focused on his solo career, because he is releasing a new album with Pearl Jam next year.

After the success of his previous album “Into the wild” (OST for the homonym film), he recorded this one with an only instrument: an ukelele.And maybe someone would think that this album would be a bore, but it is fantastic, because only Eddie Vedder can do that.

The songs are purely folk and combine basic elements: a great voice, touching melodies and lyrics and only a guitar (in this case a small one).Other folk artists like Cat Power or Glenn Hansard have collaborated on this album.

Simple but amazing. And that is the magic of music.

Can’t Keep – Eddie Vedder:



At the end of october Florence Welch and her boys released “Ceremonials”.

A new album that follows the style of “Lungs”.

Although sometimes it is said that second parts are not good, this case is different: the second part is even better than the first one.

It still mantains the freshness of their first album, but in a more mature way. The album has dark overtones, it is melancholic but blissful at the same time in some compositions.

I would define it as a web composed by voices,choirs and different instruments (specially stringed and traditional ones) that shapes these twelve baroque pop songs full of mysticism.

What the water gave me – Florence + the Machine



After 7 years 0f silence the majestic voice of Tom Waits comes back to present “Bad as me”.

He doesn’t show us anything new, but his great voice, his great lyrics and some  jazz-blues compositions are more than enough. He explores the blues and jazz genres in his particular dirty way. The album not only offers dark and vibrating songs, you will find soft and romantic compositions.

Musicians like Flea and Keith Richards have collaborated with Tom in the recording of some songs. And other musicians not so much known, like his son (who plays the drums) or his wife (who has helped him writing lyrics) have done it too.

Talking at the same time – Tom Waits



“Helplesness blues” was launched seven months ago and since that, Fleet Foxes keep on winning good critics.

Never have I seen vocal harmonies like the ones that appear in the album. Voices and choirs fit perfectly in this musical puzzle. Like in their last album (“Fleet Foxes”), they don’t forget the presence of stringed instruments but in this new one, there is a big prominence of the wind section too. Fleet Foxes like to explore and incorporate new sounds in this album and they do it so well. Some songs don’t follow a rule or a common line. Sometimes they are a bit chaotic in its composition and every instrument has a different and unique role.

I have seen them in live this year and I can say that it has been a great experience and I truly recommend it.

Fleet Foxes – The Shrine / An argument



 Dallas Green released his new album “Little Hell” on june of 2011. You may know him by being the singer of Alexisonfire, but this side project (which has already started in 2005) it is very different from what he plays with his band.

“Little Hell” follows the line of his previous albums (folk style), but this time in a more careful way. The improvement it is not only about technical issues (song recordings and editions are better), it is about the great compositions and his way of performing them. They are sincere, they touch you deeply because lyrics are real (they talk about love, about the lack of it, about loneliness and personal struggle…) and eveything without unnecessary embellishments. Sometimes we only need a voice and a guitar to communicate or feelings beautifully.

Little Hell – City and Colour :


Judge yourself and enjoy the albums.