When your Grandad can’t breathe with laughter nearly 40 years after the first time he saw a sketch, you’ve got to give it credit. The Two Ronnies’ ‘Four Candles’ sketch goes down in British history as one of the greatest TV comedy moments. Personally, I love it because it reminds me of moments where my ‘Yorkshire’ accent baffles Southerners. But regardless, it’s a great token of good old humour that champions cheese. No matter how old you get, you secretly love it when someone pulls out the knock knock jokes and one liners. And who doesn’t like a family comedy. Though you have to pity Ole Bentzen, a Danish guy who died laughing watching ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ in 1989, true story! I hope that if comedy became the death of me, it would at least be at something as great as the Two Ronnies.