Well people- it is that time of year! Time to empty your pockets and buy cool shit for everyone… except yourself. Holiday shopping has proven extremely stressful and time consuming in the past, but regardless many people seem to love to doing it. Perhaps it is the simple act of giving, or the joy of the holiday spirits and window displays that evoke this excitement in so many. It is a time of giving and coming together to share love and happiness with your family and friends, but sometimes it is hard not to get lost in the anticipation of the crowds, money, and endless Christmas jingles.


When I decided it was time to get a head start on my holiday gift shopping, I thought of a brilliant way to kill two birds with one stone per se. In the midst of shopping, I would analyze holiday trends, and then relay these to you guys so that you can feel more prepared about what to shop for when the time comes! As many of you may know, I currently live in Milan, Italy- the home of fashion. So while a handful of you will not be able to purchase the exact items from the same stores that I have mentioned, the goal is to give you a general idea of what seems to be trending this season.

After strolling aimlessly around la Rinascente and Excelsior (two major department stores in Milan, similar to Barney’s or Macy’s NYC; find their information online), getting high off of numerous perfumes and sugary goods, I started becoming enthused with ideas for presents for my family and friends. As always, perfume is a major seller around the holiday seasons. However, it may be more prominent here in Europe! It is hard to choose a perfume for someone without knowing what’s their scent-preference. Perfume is one of those things that can be a risky gift choice because it is a fairly intimate and choosy product. Marc Jacobs, Daisy, and Clinique, Happy, have citrus-y and sweet scents, proven to be liked widely by women. Dior and Chanel are classics as well, which despite the smell, the brand is admired by women as luxurious.


Technological accessories are also a big hit this season. iPad’s, iPod’s, and iPhones are quickly becoming the highest grossing electronics on the market, and now there are several varieties of accessories to accompany these products. From Betsey Johnson to Paul Frank, Juicy Couture, and Diane Von Furstenburg, designers are selling cases, carriers, emblems, and more for every technological need. While these may be highly overpriced, they are extremely popular and have become a luxury accessory of their own. Hint: do not feel like you have to buy these products at an Apple Store. They will be more expensive than buying them at, say, a Best Buy, Macy’s, or Harrod’s.

If you haven’t had Laduree, you are seriously missing out. I had my first Macaroon experience in Paris, and immediately I was hooked. But listen to me when I say that none compare to Laduree. I don’t know whether it is the brightly colored sweets, the pastel green and gold lined shops, or the decident taste and variety offered that got me- but I am addicted. There is only one shop in the US (Laduree New York) however they do deliver! It may be expensive, for family or friends that love sweet treats, you honestly can not beat this. Plus, it was established in Paris, and is the highest luxury of Macaroons. The attention to detail and the charm of the packaging won’t disappoint. For more information visit http://www.laduree.fr/. 


I know not all of us want to break the bank this holiday season, so don’t be scared! There are plenty of gift options that are cheap and still really meaningful. Krochet Kids, a group of volunteer workers and African children, have come together for a good cause to create hats that benefit African communities. These hats are warm, attractive, and hip. Plus, who doesn’t like helping out a good cause? Each piece of clothing or accessory that is made by the children is personally signed, so you feel the authenticity of the brand. You can even purchase them at Nordstrom’s. Very similar in ideology is Toms, a brand of shoes for which every pair of Toms purchased, a pair of shoes will be donated to children and families in Africa. For $50, you are technically buying two pairs of shoes, and the unique design is comfy AND trendy. In the years that they have been in business, they now have a wide variety of design options for every persons’ preference. Visit www.krochetkids.org or www.toms.com for more information.


So don’t be so stressed and overwhelmed this holiday season people! There’s a great variety of gift options available, and I just named a few! Enjoy the experience and take in the Christmas tunes with love, not hate. It only comes once a year, and who wants to ring in the new year with a crabby attitude? Think about reaching further with your gift giving this year, and purchase presents that benefit charities or offer a sentimental value. Whoever is receiving the gift is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness.


Other trending gifts:


-Vinyl Records




-New-edge watches