I cordially invite you to listen to the magical and pragmatic “Sleep Party People”. Performing in their distinctive white rabbit masks Sleep Party People have been making music to nurture your ears and make you question why all music is not like this.

This Danish group is the work of Brian Batz a man obsessed with dark fairytales and magic working together to create his unique sound. Having recently been signed to “Blood and Biscuits” the same label as Three Trapped Tigers  and Gallops, the UK live music scene is sure to take a beating by this very special outfit.

If you like your music to encompass the boundaries of dark rock and electronica, they are most definitely the band for you. Fans of 65daysofstatic, TTT, Nedry, Sigur Ros and Amusement Parks on Fire will not want to miss them gracing stages this year.

The Track above is taken from their first album released in 2010, its called “Ten Feet Up” and shows you exactly why this group needs to be made a fuss of. And for an extra bonus I have included a live video of them performing a track called “I’m Not Human At All” which they recorded for the ” X Sessions” in Denmark. It really gives you a good feel for the band and gives you an idea of what to expect from their UK tour later this year.

For more info and extras take a peak here. Enjoy.